Why have I stayed with the MaxMin Method for 15 years? Because Ammo is an excellent trainer and motivator! The MaxMin Method adapts your training to accommodate what your body (and soul) needs. When I needed hip surgery, he prepared my body and mind to be able to handle the stress and trauma of such an event. Because of his thoughtful and determined guidance, I recovered quickly and even surprised my physical therapist and surgeon about my mobility. As I’m getting older, the approach adjusts the workouts to maximize my strengths and minimize my weaker areas. Bottom line, Ammo cares about me and my well being and goes the extra mile to keep me positive, motivated and healthy!
— K. Simes, Female 50+
The MaxMin Method has helped my basketball game as a point guard in many aspects, mentally and physically. Mentally I’ve learned a lot of exercises that I did not know and many that are related to on court movement. Learning these exercises enhanced the way I’m move on the court and gave me more variety of workouts to do. Physically, I feel more explosive, lighter on my feet, my upper body strength feels a lot more powerful and I don’t rely on one side as much as I used to. Using the MaxMin Method you don’t just work out, you learn the importance on why it works and how it affects your body.
— K. Blackwell, Male 22
Ammo has been training me using the MaxMin Method for several years. He has been instrumental in my knee replacement rehabilitation. He is compassionate, motivating and a great communicator. He has inspired me to push my boundaries. His MaxMin Method approach is uniquely individualized and challenging.
— B. Leftkowitz, Female 60+